Dear customer !

Green Health Import Export Co., Ltd specializes in supplying imported grain products and nutritional products with Europe's largest spices. If you have used the product at Green Health is not strange with our products. As an importer company specialized distribution channels for restaurants, hotels, confectionary companies. Green Health is one of the largest suppliers to the food market with a large consumer base. Green Health always respects customers and is constantly searching for new health products to bring what customers need.

With our longtime experience in importing food, our staffs identify food sources in Vietnam, especially nutritious nuts and spices that are mostly fake, poor quality and goods. Blending affects the health of the user. So we decided to import and distribute wholesalers and retailers for customers who have the right access to quality products to bring health to themselves and their families.

The demand for nutritious nuts today is very popular in Vietnam, you can use nuts such as:

  • Green lentils
  • Red lentils
  • Green peas
  • Green split peas
  • Soybean
  • Chickpeas
  • Pinto peas
  • Cashew

Commitment to provide customers with high quality products, ensure food safety professional style.
Respect the principles of professional ethics and business ethics.
To train and build a team of highly qualified and qualified staff to improve product quality while serving customers in the process of global development and integration. Create a professional and friendly working environment.
Make the difference in the products by always improving quality, competitive price.
Apply advanced technology in all production and business activities.
Striving to bring the highest benefits to customers, employees and the social community.